Alejandro Stoessel
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Full Name

Alejandro Stoessel


Papa(By Tini and her Francisco)



Eye Color

Dark Brown

Hair Color

Dark Brown/Grey


Director and Writer

 Alejandro Stoessel is a director and writer. He is the father of Martina Stoessel and Francisco Stoessel he is married to Mariana Muzerla since 1995.

Life and Carrer Edit

Alejandro Stoessel is a director and writer, known for Cartoon Family (1996), Trillizos, ¡dijo la partera! (1999) and Dibu: La película (1997). He has been married to Mariana Muzerla since 1995. They have two children.>


  • He is the father of Martina Stoessel and Francisco Stoessel.
  • He is married to Mariana Muzerla
  • He is a director and Writer.


Tini by makiieditions-d7heeax
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